Make a Wedding Reception Guests Won’t Forget 

What makes a wedding special to you? If you’re like most people, the happiness in the air is infectious. Friends, family, food, and love, overshadow the massive amount of planning it takes to create a truly memorable wedding reception.

It’s no surprise that some newlyweds miss out on some finishing touches. The venue, catering, invitations, and weather are all important, but capturing memories is one of the main purposes of the wedding reception. If you’ve already set up a location for a wedding or other event, start by finding the best photo booth nearby to enhance a celebration.

Many choose LA locations as a perfect place for their most romantic event. Try to find photo booth rental Beverly Hills options to make the most of your wedding reception with a Selfie Booth, including where you should place it and ways to personalize your booth.

What Does a Selfie Booth Add To Your Wedding?

Scrub the image of that old-fashioned photo booth in the local movie theater from your mind; a Selfie Booth is so much more.

Even Kim Kardashian brought a selfie booth to her wedding with Kanye West! Anybody who’s going the extra mile to host a special reception needs one.

Photo booth rental Los Angeles is a fun gathering point for guests. With custom backdrops and the right placement, guests will love snapping photos at your booth. It will also take some social pressure off anyone feeling quiet or reserved. This is a great spot for a host or emcee to create a casual atmosphere and usher guests.

Gift one-of-a-kind souvenirs to everyone at your event. Walking away from the event with high-quality photos is exactly what your guests want. Yes, we live in a digital age; but wedding-goers prefer something for their photo books, frames, and even fridges. If your guests want another option, you can direct them to the shared online gallery for the wedding reception.

Catch the moments the wedding photographer misses. So many fun moments won’t be captured unless you hire an army of wedding photographers. Location is important, so search in the right spot to catch all those behind-the-scenes moments. Try photo booth rental San Clemente if you celebrate in the LA area. Plus, your guests will be more authentic posing for an automated photo booth rather than smiling when the photographer tells them to “say cheese.”

Where Should You Put Your Selfie Booth?

A photo booth should always be obvious to your guests and close (though not too close) to the epicenter of your wedding reception. Think about the flow of the room. Where will your guests spend most of their time? Will they be walking to and from a bar or dancefloor? When you answer these questions, you’ll find the best place for your photo booth.

Your goal is to place the booth where everyone is. Somewhere, guests will flow past throughout the wedding reception. One of the things that drives eventgoers to use photo booths is seeing other people enjoying the photos.

  • Don’t put your photo booth near washrooms or away from the music and liveliness. Your guests won’t be in the mood for photos if your booth is in an awkward space.
  • Think about the angles your wedding photographer will be working with, and don’t place the booth somewhere that could interrupt their photos.
  • Guests will be lining up, so make sure there is space around the booth. Putting it somewhere cramped will make the area congested and ruin the atmosphere for your selfie-taking guests.

Creating a custom backdrop using signage and having props can really jazz up your photo booth. Keep things light and fun. Many people use props to get their guests engaged. Try to match the venue, and always take a few test pictures to make sure you’ve got everything in the right place.

How to Book a Photo Booth For Your Wedding Reception

Search for experienced staff ready to guide you through the different models and packages. The rentals also come with on-demand support during the event, so you’ll never struggle with technical difficulties on your special day.

Find an award-winning company that has already helped thousands of guests with photo booth rentals for all kinds of celebrations and events.

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