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  7 Items to Make Your Living Room More Comfortable: Couch Blankets, Candles, and More

The living room is one of the most comfortable rooms in the house. It is likely the room that you instinctively go to retreat in after a long and busy day at work. It is where you can kick back and watch television. It is where you can zone out and read a really good book. It is where you can have heartfelt conversations with your friends.

The living room is a place that should feel comfortable and really like a safe haven. It should be the place that you look forward to retreating to. A big trick with this is to make the effort in making your cozy living room have an equally cozy atmosphere.

This can be achieved by investing in simple décor pieces like a couch blanket or macrame swing chair. One piece can instantly transform a room and make it feel more comfortable than you ever thought possible.

That is why we have rounded up the top items worth investing in to make your living room more comfortable and share our best tricks for solidifying your living room as the comfiest room in the house.

1. Get a Swinging Chair

A macrame swing is not only pretty to look at but equally fun to sit in. Designed with a cool and hip bohemian aesthetic, this swing will quickly become a staple décor piece in the living room. It can fill any empty space and be a focal point for relaxation. You will likely be drawn to want to sit in it all day long and we don’t blame you in the slightest. It really is as comfortable as it looks.

2. Find a Geometrical Rug

Another way to make your living room more comfortable is by upgrading your floors. And you do not have to always get new literal floors. Instead, you can upgrade them by investing in an equally cool and comfortable rug. First, look for a design that suits the overall theme of the living room. We often suggest a fun rug with geometrical shapes if possible. Then, pick it based on comfort too. The goal is for the rug to be comfortable to sit on if you end up with an overflow of people in your living room.

3. Style a Couch Blanket

Chances are your living room has a couch. So it only makes sense to elevate it with a cozy couch blanket. In fact, this is one of the absolute best ways to make your living room more comfortable. Not only will the right couch blanket style up your couch and make it look inviting, but the couch blanket will also literally provide warmth and comfort to the setup as well. Anyone who lays down on the couch can then simply tug the blanket down and wrap themselves in it.

4. Baskets to Organize Blankets

Speaking of a couch blanket, you will likely want to get a basket to store the surplus blankets in as well. An organized living room will instantly be a more comfortable living room. So take the surplus of blankets you may have and put them in a cute basket for safe keeping until they are used again. Best of all, this means there is no folding of the blankets required.

5. Light Up the Candles

The ambiance of your living room will also drive the comfort level it has. To create a soothing environment in your living room, light up a ton of scented candles so you can start to unwind as the flames flicker away. Candles tap right into our senses and allow up to find a sense of calm. Plus, regardless of if they are lit or not—they make fantastic decorations.

6. Pots and Plants

Every living room needs a bit of greenery in it too. A great way to do this is by hanging some metal planters on your wall and letting some succulents hang from them. Indoor plants in general are a must-have for your living room. They not only make the air better to breathe inside but also add pops of color and vibrancy to the mix as well.

7. A Collection of Books

Watching television in the living room is not necessarily the coziest activity to do in there. We’d argue that reading a book lets you truly detach from all the outside world and get engrossed in a story. Plus, a collection of books that sit proudly on your coffee table is a great way to add some character and vibrancy to the room too.
If you are wanting to upgrade the comfort levels in your living room, then look no further than these seven tips. From couch throws to a collection of books, there are many easy tricks to start doing today.



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