Best Ways to Improve Your Kid’s English

It is tricky to teach children, so parents always have to find interesting ways to teach their children. And the easiest way to do so is by teaching them rhymes. All over the world, children are taught rhymes to grab their attention and develop an understanding of words. The sound and the rhythm of the words help kids to remember the words better. Rhymes have a lot of importance in a kid’s life and condition their minds for further learning.

Even for one-year-old kids, rhymes play a very important role. Many parents use English poems for kids who haven’t started talking yet, but listening to these poems helps them to learn words faster than other kids. Let us have a look at how rhymes can be one of the best ways to enrich your child’s vocabulary and improve their English.

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Importance of English Poems for Kids

  • Improves their retention power – Almost all nursery rhymes can be sung as songs, and kids love to hear them. Since they love these nursery rhyme songs and hear them repeatedly, they remember them for a long time. However small in form, these nursery rhymes help to develop your child’s retention capabilities.
  • Improves their spellings – Most nursery rhymes follow rhyming patterns like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / How I wonder what you are?”. These same-sounding words help the kids to learn to spell. Listening to the poem repeatedly helps the kids to understand the pattern of the words and grasp the spellings quickly.
  • Improves reading – As children grow up, they have to read more complex and complicated texts. To make sure that they can read those texts later, parents can start by making their kids read poems. The patterns in which the poems are written makes it easy for children to read them fluently.
  • Enhances listening skills – Kids always do or say things that they hear/see. As they are learning how to communicate, they imitate what they hear. So when they listen to nursery rhymes, they try to imitate them as well. This enhances their listening skills and their ability to remember what they have heard.
  • Boosts their imagination – Most rhymes are made up, keeping in mind kid’s imaginations. Children who understand these poems tend to enjoy them as they imagine themselves to be a part of it. They imagine the entire poem in their mind and react to it. Thus, listening and reading poems from a young age helps them to be creative and have a vivid imagination.

Apart from English poems, there are others ways to improve your kid’s English. Topics like stories, essays, letters also help your kid to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills. There are many topics that you can choose for your kids to write on. Topics like your favourite flower, children’s day essay, about best friend and others can be given to children to write about. Writing essays helps the kids in many ways, such as:

  • Writing opens the door for children to imagine and frame sentences on their own. A kid with good writing skills sets themselves apart from others.
  • While writing, a kid has to organise his thoughts. And for that, they have to remember the words and statements that need to be written in sequence.
  • Writing allows the kids to convey their thoughts. Through writing different essay topics, the children can express what they feel about the given topic.

Lastly, when it comes to kids, the main focus should be how they can learn while enjoying themselves. These activities mentioned above, will help them with their English skills and also develop other sets of skills. 

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