8 Repair Tips to Make Your Furnace More Efficient

In winter, the maintenance of a furnace or heating system is crucial. Ignoring this much-needed endeavor will cost you more than you think. But the question is how to maintain your furnace’s efficiency. 

To find out its answer, let’s have in-depth insights on the below-mentioned furnace repair tips to follow.

  1. Listen to What Your Furnace Wants to Tell You

Furnaces and heating systems often make sounds, but not all noises are normal. Have you heard any rattling sounds? If so, it could be a sign of loose panels that require tightening. 

What’s more, if you hear any squealing or screeching noises, then your furnace requires belt replacement. So, when you notice any of these noises from your furnace, you need to seek heating services, including repair and replacements. 

  1. Inspect the Thermostat

It sounds very simple to inspect the thermostat. However, people frequently forget to reset thermostats when the season changes (especially when winter arrives). Nowadays, modern thermostats also require adequate battery power. 

In another scenario, the unit’s batteries just require replacement. Or perhaps you encountered a power outage, and your thermostat didn’t start properly again.  

  1. Double-Check Your Circuit Breakers

In addition to thermostat inspection, it’s possible that your home’s circuit breaker tripped or that a fuse blew. Both issues require effortless fixes, which will save you time and money.  

But if you ignore this issue, it will result in a major incident or mishap, requiring you to hire a contractor to help you eliminate short circuits in the future. 

  1. Check your HVAC filter, t.oo

When you notice your furnace needs to work hard and cause a shutdown as a consequence of heat building up inside due to a clogged filter, airflow reduction is a must. 

Modern HVAC systems are more prone to dirty filters. So, it’s best to replace a filter yourself. You just need to locate the old filter, evaluate its dimensions, and consider a replacement.

  1. Look for the safety switch on the furnace 

Almost every furnace comes with a safety switch that automatically shuts off when the furnace door is removed. Be sure to know there’s also a prospect that it wasn’t reactivated once you considered furnace repair or maintenance. 

It’s advisable to ensure your furnace door is closed; otherwise, its switch will turn back into the “on” status. 

  1. Clean & De-Clutter the Surrounding Area of Your Furnace

There’s no doubt that cluttering and building up items around your furnace unit is a piece of cake. But that piece of cake isn’t required if you want your furnace to work at its best. You must keep the space around your furnace de-clutter and clean, too. 

Be aware that there are already active flames inside your furnace, so never keep any flammable things near it. Similarly, a dirty, dusty basement in your home may be nothing but a hazard because dusty clogs may cause your system failure.  

  1. Focus On Your Burner Flame

Keep in mind that your furnace’s burner must be blue. If its flames are yellow, it indicates that the burners are more likely dirty. Fortunately, you can clean your burner on your own without any external, expensive assistance. 

Be sure to turn off your power and gas lines as soon as possible. Additionally, a malfunctioning burner is a sure indication of an inefficiently tuned furnace. 

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