Essential Care Practices To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy While Boarding 

When choosing a boarding service for your dog it is essential to visit different facilities, do research, and read reviews to ensure that your dog is in safe hands. Mostly dog boarding services provide food, accommodation, medical care, and grooming of your dog. It ensures the well-being of your dog and keeps the dog in a safe and comfortable environment in your absence. 

You should choose a boarding service that prioritizes your dog’s safety and security in their care and keeps you informed about your dog’s well-being through regular updates, pictures, or any other communication. There are certain points to keep in mind to keep your dog happy and healthy while boarding: 

Proper Diet:

While providing instructions for your dog’s diet during their safe stay at boarding it is important to communicate clearly and provide a detailed schedule indicating the times of day your dog needs to be fed. You should specify the amount of food given to your dog according to the age. If your dog has any dietary restrictions or allergies, communicate clearly to the boarding staff.

By providing clear instructions you can ensure that your dog is fed properly and getting a proper diet in your absence. 

Hygiene And Grooming:

It is important to ensure that your dog remains clean and comfortable during their time away from home. You should give proper instructions and information to the trained staff on how often your dog should be bathed. The kind of shampoo or grooming products you use for your dog. Specify the instructions on the temperature of the water and drying method. 

Give proper information about dental care for your dog, ear cleaning, nail trimming, or any other special grooming services. Provide your contact details to the staff so they can easily contact you if they need information about any grooming-related emergency. 

Emergency Contact Details:

Provide your emergency contact details to the boarding staff so they can quickly reach you in case of any emergency regarding your dog’s health or safety. Provide your full name, and contact number, and provide any other contact number of an alternate who can be reached in case you are unavailable. You can also provide any medical history or any medication that your dog is taking so that the staff can take care of your dog accordingly. 

It is essential to communicate openly and address any questions or concerns they have regarding your dog’s care. 

Regular Updates:

Ask for regular updates of your dog which may include photos or videos in the update. Specify how often you want to get updates about your dog. This could be daily or weekly. Tell the boarding staff how you want the staff to communicate with you regarding your dog’s health or any other update. Outline the specific information you want to receive about your dog. 

By communicating this openly and clearly to the boarding staff you can ensure a safe stay of your dog away from home in your absence without any worry. 


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