WhatsApp Launches New Browser Extension

Code Verify

To make sure that your messages are safe, WhatsApp has launched an extension for the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox web browsers. The extension will check all of your messages’ codes to make sure that they’re real. Once installed, the extension will automatically check the code on your message’s page and flag any that look suspicious.

The extension provides third-party security verification to ensure that your messages are authentic. It helps you stay safe online by preventing phishing, malware, and malware. The extension is also open-source, which means other companies can integrate it and improve it. This feature will make it much harder for attackers to spoof your messages.

Code Verify uses a concept called “subresource integrity,” which lets web browsers verify the integrity of resources. While this technology is useful for checking individual files, it can also check entire websites. In order to perform this check, WhatsApp has partnered with Cloudflare, a third-party service that verifies the integrity of websites. Code Verify will compare WhatsApp’s Web code with the Cloudflare’s code and alert you if there are any inconsistencies.


The WhatsApp code verification browser extension will allow you to ensure the authenticity of your browser code. Once you’ve downloaded the extension, it will run automatically whenever you access the WhatsApp website. You can also pin it to your browser toolbar so you can see it in real-time. The extension will also help you to secure your data from cyber attacks.

The extension is now available for the Chrome and Edge browsers, and will soon be coming to Firefox and Safari. It’s based on the same technology that Apple uses for its photo scanning system. You can check it out on GitHub. It’s important to note that this browser extension is not meant to read messages or send metadata.

The new browser extension allows users to check whether the code on a website is authentic by checking its hash. The hash is created by checking individual files against a cryptographic hash. This process can be extremely resource intensive when performed at scale, which is why WhatsApp has partnered with Cloudflare to do it.


WhatsApp has launched a new browser extension that lets users see alerts right in the browser. The extension is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and works by checking if the WhatsApp Web application is running on your computer. If it’s working, it will display a green checkmark in a circle, while if it’s not working, it will show a red checkmark instead.

Once installed, the extension will run automatically on your browser whenever you visit WhatsApp Web. It will give you an alert in real time when something goes wrong with the website. Users can also pin the extension to their browser toolbar to receive notifications whenever they need to. The extension will also alert you if there’s a security breach.

The extension works with Code Verify, an open-source security system. It runs when WhatsApp Web is opened and will alert you if it finds any suspicious codes. Unlike other security extensions, it doesn’t access any user data or log activity.


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