Vehicle Glass Replacement vs Repair – Know the Signs

If your car has gotten into an accident or you accidentally damaged the car’s windows, then you will have to decide whether you need to replace the windows or opt for repair. If it is a simple crack in one of the windows or the windshield has been chipped, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire glass or window needs to be replaced.

Sometimes, you can get by fine with simply repairing the glass rather than replacing it. Depending on the car, you might get expert advice. For instance, if you are driving a Tesla, you will want to get an expert’s opinion on whether you should opt for a Tesla Vehicle Glass Replacement or whether you can get by with a quick fix to the glass.

Here are several factors that will help you decide whether or not to opt for glass replacement.

The Size of the Damage

The potential size of the damage plays a crucial role in deciding whether or not the windshield needs to be replaced or whether a repair will fix the damage. As a rule of thumb, if the size of the crack or damage is bigger than the size of a dollar bill, then it needs to be replaced. However, if the size is smaller than that, a quick repair is needed to get the windshield back in order.

The Place of the Damager

Another determining factor in whether or not you need to opt for a windshield replacement is the place of the damage. For instance, if the damaged part obstructs the driver’s view, then you will certainly want to have the windshield replaced.

Even if the size of the damage is tiny in the driver’s view, it should be replaced. Anything that is in the driver’s view can impair the vision of the driver and lead to an accident, which is why you should never ignore the tiniest obstruction.

The Amount of Damage

If the amount of damage is small, it means that you don’t have to opt for a replacement, but you can get the glass repaired. For instance, if there are no more than three small chips, your best option would be to replace the glass.

On the other hand, if the amount of chips is more than three, it might be in your best interest to replace the glass, as there is a greater risk linked with the glass getting shattered at any time. Also, if the size of the crack is small, it should be repaired; however, if the size of the crack is bigger than a dollar’s bill, then you should have it instantly replaced

Other Factors to Consider

When it comes to glass replacement vs glass repair, you will need to consider other factors as well. Here is the thing – if the crack is located in the nook of the windshield, you might still have to replace it. The underlying reason is that cracks in the corners of the windshield can render the entire windshield unstable, which means that it can shatter at any time.

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