J.J. Redick Taking the Lakers Job, High Shine of L.A. But That Doesn’t Guarantee Success

The Los Angeles Lakers, one of the NBA’s most storied franchises, are reportedly close to naming J.J. Redick as their next head coach. This potential move, capturing the attention of basketball enthusiasts and analysts alike, symbolizes a significant shift for both Redick and the Lakers. However, the bright lights of Los Angeles and the Lakers’ rich history do not inherently ensure success on the court.

J.J. Redick: From Player to Coach

J.J. Redick, a former NBA sharpshooter known for his prolific three-point shooting, has transitioned into a media role as a color commentator for ESPN. Despite lacking formal coaching experience, Redick has impressed many with his basketball IQ and insightful commentary. His appointment as the Lakers’ head coach would mark a bold step, aligning with a trend of former players rapidly transitioning into coaching roles​ (HoopsRumors)​​ (Larry Brown Sports)​.

The Lakers’ Decision-Making Process

The Lakers’ coaching search has been thorough, focusing on candidates who can bring a fresh perspective to the team. Redick emerged as a frontrunner alongside Pelicans associate head coach James Borrego. Lakers officials have shown a keen interest in Redick, believing his potential as a coach outweighs his inexperience​ (NBC Sports)​. The organization has consulted Duke’s legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski, under whom Redick played during his college years, to gain insights into his coaching aptitude​ (HoopsRumors)​.

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Challenges Ahead

While the prospect of Redick coaching the Lakers is intriguing, it comes with significant challenges. The Lakers are a team with high expectations, driven by the presence of superstars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The pressure to deliver immediate results is immense, and Redick will need to navigate the complexities of managing a locker room full of veteran talent and lofty aspirations​ (Larry Brown Sports)​.

Moreover, the comparison to other former players who transitioned to coaching highlights mixed results. Jason Kidd and Derek Fisher both experienced rocky starts before finding varying degrees of success. Redick’s path could follow a similar trajectory, requiring patience and adaptability as he grows into the role​ (NBC Sports)​.

The Lure of Los Angeles

The allure of Los Angeles and the Lakers’ brand cannot be overstated. The city offers a vibrant media market and a passionate fan base, providing an exciting backdrop for Redick’s coaching debut. However, this high-profile environment also amplifies scrutiny. Every decision and performance will be dissected by analysts and fans, creating a pressure cooker atmosphere that can be both motivating and daunting​ (HoopsRumors)​​ (NBC Sports)​.

Strategic Considerations

For Redick, crafting a winning strategy will be crucial. The Lakers are looking for a coach who can implement a structured and disciplined approach while fostering a culture of accountability. Redick’s understanding of modern NBA tactics, particularly his emphasis on three-point shooting and spacing, could align well with the Lakers’ roster. However, translating this knowledge into effective game plans and in-game adjustments will be a critical test of his coaching mettle​ (NBC Sports)​.

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Player-Coach Dynamics

A significant aspect of Redick’s potential success will hinge on his relationship with the players, especially LeBron James. LeBron’s influence within the organization is substantial, and his endorsement of Redick could facilitate a smoother transition. However, earning the respect and trust of the entire team, including veterans and younger players, will require Redick to demonstrate his leadership capabilities and basketball acumen consistently​ (Larry Brown Sports)​.

Expectations vs. Reality

While the prospect of Redick leading the Lakers is exciting, it is essential to temper expectations with a dose of reality. The NBA coaching landscape is fraught with uncertainties, and success is never guaranteed. Redick’s tenure will likely involve a learning curve, and patience from the Lakers’ management and fan base will be crucial. Immediate results may not materialize, but laying a strong foundation for sustained success should be the primary goal​ (HoopsRumors)​​ (NBC Sports)​.


J.J. Redick’s potential appointment as the Lakers’ head coach represents a bold and intriguing move for both parties. The high shine of L.A. and the Lakers’ illustrious history provide a glamorous stage for Redick’s coaching debut. However, the path to success is fraught with challenges, and the pressure to deliver will be immense. Redick’s ability to navigate these obstacles, build effective strategies, and foster strong player-coach relationships will ultimately determine the success of this high-profile venture. As the NBA world watches closely, only time will reveal whether this gamble will pay off for the Lakers and Redick.

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