How a Global Internet Outage Disrupted Amazon, Reddit, and More

Overview of the Outage

A massive internet outage disrupted access to numerous major websites, including Amazon, Reddit, Twitter, and Twitch, due to an issue with Fastly’s content delivery network (CDN) services. The outage, which occurred on July 8, 2024, left many users frustrated as they encountered error messages and inaccessible services.

Fastly’s Role in the Outage

Fastly, a leading CDN provider, plays a crucial role in internet infrastructure by optimizing content delivery for websites. The outage was traced back to a problem within Fastly’s network, which caused widespread disruptions across various platforms. The company quickly identified the issue and implemented a fix, restoring services within an hour.

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Impact on Major Websites

The outage affected a wide array of popular websites and services. Among the hardest hit were:

  • Amazon: Users reported problems accessing the e-commerce giant’s website and its subsidiary, Twitch.
  • Reddit: The social media platform experienced significant downtime, with over 21,000 users reporting issues.
  • Twitter: While the site was partially functional, users encountered difficulties with image loading and other features.
  • Other Sites: Notable mentions include the BBC, New York Times, Spotify, PayPal, eBay, GitHub, and Hulu.

User Reactions

The sudden outage led to a flurry of activity on social media as users expressed their frustration and confusion. Many took to platforms like Twitter (once it was back up) to share their experiences and speculate on the cause of the disruptions. The hashtag #InternetOutage quickly started trending, highlighting the widespread impact.

Technical Details

Fastly’s CDN services are designed to enhance web performance by caching content closer to users. However, a misconfiguration in Fastly’s network led to the outage. The issue was identified at 09:58 UTC, and a fix was applied by 10:36 UTC. Despite the quick resolution, some users continued to experience slower load times as the network stabilized.

Comparison to Past Outages

This incident is reminiscent of previous outages, such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage in November last year, which also caused widespread disruptions. Similar to Fastly, AWS’s role as a critical infrastructure provider meant that any issues had far-reaching consequences.

Recovery and Resolution

Following the implementation of the fix, services gradually returned to normal. Fastly communicated with its customers throughout the process, updating them on the status and expected timelines for full recovery. The company assured users that the issue was not related to a cyberattack but rather a technical glitch within their system.

Implications for Internet Infrastructure

The outage underscored the fragility of internet infrastructure and the dependency on a few key providers. It highlighted the need for robust contingency plans and the importance of diverse infrastructure to mitigate the impact of such incidents.

Future Preventive Measures

In response to the outage, Fastly and other CDN providers are likely to review and enhance their systems to prevent similar issues in the future. This may include more rigorous testing of configurations, improved monitoring, and faster response protocols to address potential disruptions.

Industry Reactions

The tech industry reacted swiftly to the outage, with many experts weighing in on the implications and potential solutions. Some called for greater transparency from infrastructure providers, while others emphasized the need for a more distributed internet architecture to reduce reliance on single points of failure.

User Guidelines During Outages

For users, the outage served as a reminder of the importance of having backup plans for critical online activities. This includes saving important documents offline, using alternative communication methods, and staying informed through reliable news sources.


The July 2024 internet outage was a significant event that disrupted major websites and services, affecting millions of users worldwide. Thanks to Fastly’s swift response, the issue was resolved quickly, and services were restored. The incident highlighted the critical role of CDN providers in internet infrastructure and the need for robust systems to ensure seamless online experiences.

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